Tributes to Mike Moorcock at Nebulas

John Picacio has the full transcript of his speech honoring Moorcock in Austin at the Nebulas. He was kind enough to include me and others by asking us to give him a few words about Mike. Here’s what I said.

“Mike Moorcock is quite simply the most creative and most generous person I’ve ever met. It’s Mike I think of whenever I’m approached by a new writer for help with something, because he embodies the idea of ‘paying it forward’. He has also been an enormous influence in both the variety and the quality of his fiction, and his various editing projects. I admire his restless curiosity, his sense of humor, and his sense of perspective. It’s been one of the great pleasures and honors of my life to know him. If only he could break his addiction to squid…”


  1. John Picacio says

    Many thanks for coming through on short notice, JV. You’re one of the busiest guys I know, and no doubt the other contributors didn’t have a whole lot of time on their hands either, but everyone came through. I think that’s a further testament to how much love and respect there is for Mike. Glad you were a part of it!