Defrosting Squid Is Always a Pain

I sympathize with these scientists. We had a similar problem–had a squid over, had to freeze him for a variety of reasons (mostly, squabbling with the neighbors), and then when it came time for defrosting…dear lord! What a mess! Granted, he was pretty shoved into the freezer, so… (Thanks to Larry for the link.)


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    You know, if I had a dollar for every time “New Zealand” was mentioned in conjunction with “Giant Squid”… you’d think we do nothing else round here but sit around and defrost squids all day.

    By the way, if you’re planning on a trip to Auckland just to see the giant squid they have at Kelly Tarlton’s antarctic encounter and underwater world – don’t bother. Don’t get me wrong: the penguins, sharks and rays are all great. But the giant squid just sits there dead in a great big tank and someone’s stuck a picture of Squidward on the side.

    Giant squids everywhere. Hmm. Wonder if there are any Cthulu stories set here…