Pirate Photo from Locus

In case you missed Locus this month, they ran this photo of us. We’d told them we’d turned in the pirate antho and they asked for a pirate-y photo to accompany it. So we quickly and ‘tardedly complied. (The other photos we took were much, much worse.) Ann’s wearing the pirate mask Howard Waldrop sent us.

You can pre-order Fast Ships, Black Sails here. It’s kinda important on this antho to pre-order, given the balanced mix of new and established writers. Very few anthologies for the commercial marketplace provide this much of a haven for non-names.


  1. says

    Ah. Then I shall look for it the next time I go to the wines and spirits store. I’m partial to spiced rum for Cuba Libres, while the mojitos don’t need the spices.

  2. Ann V. says

    Sailor Jerry’s has a much higher alcohol content than Captain Morgan’s. And it tastes good, too!!!!