Australian Radio Interview Tonight

Australian national public radio, for a book show, will be interviewing me live about Steampunk around 8:15-8:20 pm EST. I think that’s about 10:15 in the morning Sydney time?

UPDATE: Here’s the podcast.


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    I can’t believe I just talked about Steampunk following Isabelle Allende talking about her heart-rending memoir. A little bit like bringing on the clowns after a Tennessee Williams’ play…

    I did do my normal pre-interview routine: 10 push-ups, a few shouts and yells, a few swings of the arms, then a yoga thing where you kind of gently rap your knuckles against the sides of your head to get the blood flowing. Seemed to work. Didn’t sound like too much of an idiot. Well, we’ll see…

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    It’s one of my favorite podcasts. And besides our host here and Isabelle Allende, they had John Clarke on yesterday and Ursula Le Guin’s on tomorrow.

    I’m assuming you are all familiar with John Clarke, the greatest New Zealand comedian of all time (possibly now sharing first equal spot with the Conchords) uttering that immortal phrase ‘kick it in the guts, Trev’:

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    I’ll tell you once I download the podcast and start up the suck meter. It’s just been in getting repaired after I accidentally put some Uwe Boll movies through it.

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    I’m such a podcast junkie I don’t even listen to NZ national radio live….
    I’m listening to the Allende section at the moment.

    Hey, if you are even in Australia, you’re going to have to come out to New Zealand too. We have Tuataras!

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    OK, I have listened to the show and ran it through the suckmeter. Suck it does not.

    Actually, it was quite the triumph. You summed up Steampunk very well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ramona Koval ask someone “what are you wearing” before either. Bonus points for the boingboing mention, along with Elfpunk and sandalpunk (sandalpunk was a new one for me – I wondered if this was a genre for crazy mashups of Charlton Heston biblical films, or a Life of Brian sort of thing. Alas, the wikipedia entry was far less interesting)

    No mention of squidpunk though…