Friday Night Videos at Amazon

So if you’re home for some reason or just bored, check out the new Amazon Friday night videos feature…it’ll get campier and stranger as I develop it…



  1. James says

    Interesting trailer for the Groff book. Fairly elaborate–it’s nice to see somebody (presumably the publisher) spending a chunk of change on promotion. Odd, though, in that nobody seemed to consider the central metaphor in the clip is exactly backward. Someone researching her ancestry is looking for the trunk of a family tree, not climbing it. And the cover for the book in the video isn’t what they ended up using. Seems a simple and relatively inexpensive thing to fix if they hope the video actually inspires people to seek out the book.

    Quibbles, of course. The main thing is that this kind of promotion is good to see.

  2. says

    Well, I chose it because it had a cult classic feel to it. And seemed just a little off. I wouldn’t have used it for an actual feature.

    I chose Shelf Monkey just because Corey is a rogue and a fiend. ;)