Some Santa Sangre for Yer Easter

Santa Sangre is crazy. Clips cannot convey the insanity of this movie. In fact, clips may make parts of it look retarded. But it’s insanely good in a lot of ways. Anyway, for your Easter enjoyment–something that’s crazier than the resurrection. (Not fond of the soundtrack these Youtubers chose for this, btw–and if you’re easily freaked out, don’t watch.)

Can We Have Some OTHER Writers Advise the Government?!

Interesting article brought to my attention by a friend. Reproducing it below as well. Please tell me this is a joke. I mean, some of it it would be oddly endearing if not for the context. But most of it is disgusting.

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Books Received: March 21

A small but distinguished stack today, including the unusual graphic novel Three Shadows, the latest from Alex Robinson, whose Box Office Poison I loved, and a Brust novel and Card antho. Okay, so Dark Star I bought myself because I remember reading it with such nostalgia.

This is probably it for me for the weekend, folks, unless something big comes up. My brain is toast and I need a proper weekend. Which means no internet for me tomorrow.


What a weird email I just received, not like your normal spam…

FROM: akamonoth@[redacted]
SUB: there is but one will, though the paths are many

I realize that, in this age of automated spam agents and artificial scripting that it is difficult to discern human intent–and human need–behind an anonymous email, but I reach out to you in a desperate hope that you will consider the possibility that I exist.

My Mosaic still lives. TH3y cannot stop it. Not as long as we believe.


Perceptions of Prose

I just read Victoria Hoyle’s review of Laird Barron’s collection on Strange Horizons. One particular analysis of a passage struck me as interesting, and I’m reproducing my comment on the review here. What I really appreciated was Hoyt actually picking out examples and using them to justify her reaction to the collection. If I disagree, it might just be that I’m a better “ideal reader” for Barron than Hoyt, which sometimes happens when you are assigned, as in this case, a slate of award nominees and have to comment on each one. On the other hand, she makes a good point that Barron’s audience may be primarily male–I dunno, that’s more for other female readers to say, not me.

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Gorgeous Books

Catherine Cheek, also a talented writer and gardener (who raises chickens!), has started making little books! We saw her in Tucson and she was kind enough to let us pick out a couple. I’m proud to have this one:

Here’s the link to her whole book thread, and one more I can’t resist posting an image of:

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Let’s Buy Borders–for the Children

So, Publishers Weekly, which is itself in danger of being sold, reports that Borders is in financial trouble and looking for a buyer. One possible buyer is B&N–a scenario that sends chills down most publishers’ spines, because the idea of there not being an alternative chain if one chain doesn’t like or want a particular book is kind of horrifying.

But I’ve got a better suggestion. Let’s take up a collection and buy Borders. I’ve got 20 bucks. If you each send me 20 bucks to POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315, I’ll be we could raise the money in no time. And then we’d own our own chain! Woo-hoo!

Amulet Amazon Feature–Love This Book!

Man, did I love Amulet: Book 1, The Stonekeeper, by Kazu Kibuishi. Here’s my feature on its creator, on the Amazon book blog. (I’m also doing a full review of it for Realms of Fantasy.) Note the cool interactive website for Amulet.

Fans of Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle will love this book!

March 20: Books Received!

Not much, but some quality stuff–one of my favorite mags in the world! And Tales Before Narnia, and an interesting-looking novel with a cool cover. And then a Stirling cover that makes my eyes freak out (Tor–you do good work, but the person who chose that font needs a whippin’). And a very specific comics book about coloring that I can’t see reviewing for any general site.

Oh, and Ann says, Happy Purim!