I-Con Schedule for Zee VanderMeers

Ann and I are guests of I-CON in Stonybrook, New York, this coming weekend. Here’s our combined schedule. If any blog readers are going to be there, we’d love to meet you.

The Essence of Pure SF: what exactly is it?
Bacigalupi(M), Bear, Malzberg, J VanderMeer, Calvin
Fri, 7 S302

The 85th Anniversary of Weird Tales
Ann VanderMeer(M), J VanderMeer, Spinrad (including multi-media)
Fri 8, S309

Writers Workshop, Pt. 1
Sat, 10 S309
A VanderMeer, McGarry, Doyle, Macdonald

Sat, 12-1 (Jeff)

From the Editor’s Chair: 3 top women discuss their careers
Buchanan(M), Williams, A Vandermeer
Sat, 12 S311

New Horizons: will there be new combinations or will an entirely new genre be the next big thing?
J Vandermeer(M), Williams, Buchanan, Gorinsky, Calvin
Sat, 2 S302

Writers Workshop, Pt 2
Sun, 10 S309
A VanderMeer, McGarry, Doyle, Macdonald
Note: open only to workshop participants

A Rough Guide to Ambergris
Jeff VanderMeer’s multi-media exploration of his fantasy city
J and A VanderMeer
Sun, 12 ESS 079


  1. Andrew says

    Does any of this fiction stuff happen in the boring Midwest? Post about it if you ever come to Indiana/Michigan.