Felix Gilman Attacked by Hamster, All Because of Scott Sigler

You know, sometimes you start a blog feature, like posting photos of the books you receive each day, and you think, This isn’t going lead to weird hamster photos, a post on author poses, and then end with you sending a sekret hamster to an unsuspecting author…

creating a bloody confrontation with Felix Gilman

And yet, it does.

So, god bless you, Scott Sigler, whose novel Infected comes out April 1st. You do the work of the angels.

(Check out Gilman’s Thunderer–highly recommended. No hamsters.)


  1. says

    That…that was awesome/freaky! I guess Felix’s Hamster-fu wasn’t what he thought it was.

    *is now afraid of checking the mail, in case other rabid rodents might have been sent via the post*

  2. Anonymous says

    As a professional duel lawyer I have to seriously question the manner and spirit in which the duel was conducted. Surely the package should have been clearly labelled to allow Mr Gilman the chance to familiarise himself with the rules and to take the opportunity to acquire a firearm. I can only suggest that it is most fortunate that Mr Gilman was carrying a kitchen knife at the time and inform Mr Vandermeer that he is on very shakey ground.

  3. says

    That one. Right there. Look, it’s dark on this monitor, it’s just a black thingy. Thing-y.

    I shall now play my “I am on nightshift and thus get out of jail free” card. NATCH.

  4. says

    A BDSM hamster packing heat. Felix didn’t stand a chance. Poor guy. Now I wonder how much rehab he’ll need after the physical rehab?

  5. says

    I’ve always warned people about the dangers of those little rodents. But did anyone listen? Nooooo. Not until it’s too late! The end is nigh, people!