Books Received: March 28, 29

Steampunk galleys came–yay! Also an Eric Brown novel I’ve been assigned for review, a book I know nothing about, contributor copies of the latest Realms of Fantasy, and various comic books, including the latest installment of The Boys. Still no Situation. Sigh.


  1. kellys says

    The Situation appeared in an office park in the great state of Wisconsin two days ago. It’s a beauty!

  2. says

    Well, they’re certainly complementary given the “classic” reprint nature of ours and the new-story nature of theirs. We’ll be sharing intel, since the release dates are far enough apart.

  3. says

    That’s what I was thinking as well; best of both worlds. What kind of intel would you share? What’s it like having an opportunity to both edit AND write this time around?

    Something I liked about the New Weird anthology (apart from the incredible stories) was the non-fiction you included. Looking back to when you posted the Steampunk contents, it looks like you’ve included some in this as well (the Nevins, Klaw and Baker contributions). Malcolm-Clarke’s ‘Tracking Phantoms’ in the NW anthology was very insightful – probably as academic a piece as you could include in such an anthology without turning readers off.

  4. says

    It’s June 2008, David.

    Seth–editing and writing are always separate pleasures, writing being more personal and cathartic, but editing being a bit like solving a Rubic’s Cube or a mathematical equation. Doing a good job editing an antho is a bit like major problem-solving. For example, we’re right now working on the Clarion charity anthology, which we envision as being both an antho for readers and a teaching antho for beginning/intermediate writers. The challenge in making a dual-purpose antho that works for both groups is bracing and yet fun, and we think we’ve found some innovative ways of doing it. Creating the same thing over and over would be boring. But I’ll be happy to get back to some fiction come May.

    Yes–we’ve included essays from Nevins, Klaw, and Baker. New Weird-ish stuff we know like the back of our hand. Steampunk we enjoy, but we’re not as up on the history of it. So we brought in three experts to cover all aspects of it, in terms of covering all media. It’s not nearly as intensive, the nonfiction, but it doesn’t need to be because Steampunk isn’t nearly as controversial. The stories really are “punk,” though, many of them. Lansdale’s story is as subversive a tale as you’re likely to read.