Books Received–March 26

I’ve heard this third novel by Abraham is amazing. A light haul, and not going to check today’s mail until late due to deadlines.


  1. says

    That’s a very good question. It all gets used in different ways. An Amazon feature does not usually require me to read the book, so a lot of it gets used that way. In those cases, I read some of the book, check out the accompanying PR to see what the “story” is, and just generally get a feel for the book and whether I think it’ll be of interest to Amazon readers. Then I’ll either do an interview, an article, or whatever for Amazon. A smaller selection of books I set aside to read and those I either do a short review on Amazon about, add to my Realms of Fantasy reviews, etc. SF Weekly and Washington Post reviews are assigned to me, so I don’t get to pick and choose there. I read every day, though–on the exercise bike, at lunch, etc. I leave mornings free to write fiction.

    Also, there are books I have to cover for Amazon even if I’m not personally that excited by them–it would be really selfish and not doing my job if I didn’t cover some of the NYT bestsellers that aren’t to my taste. Sometimes it’s just a post much like the ones I make here, making readers aware of the existence of a new book by their favorite author.

    But, no, I don’t have to read all of them. Publicists send me so much stuff because it’s never clear what will “stick”. I got sent Jim Hines’ latest funny goblin novel, for example, and if they’d queried me ahead of time I might’ve passed, but they just sent it with the other stuff, I read enough to know it was hilarious, and now I’m interviewing him for Amazon. Another book might sit on the shelf for a few months and it winds up being featured in some other way–like, I recommend it to someone I correspond with and they review it. I have put some review books in the mail to other reviewers more suitable for them. So, in terms of what gets “used”, one way or the other, I’d say about half, sometimes 60%. But it’s not always immediately visible.

    That’s one way I wanted to start doing these daily photos/posts. That way, on a fairly significant forum, every book gets at least some attention from readers. Even Elom, for all the beating it took, got a lot more play from that post than if I hadn’t posted the photo. Some readers will be picking up that book based on that post.


  2. Andrew says

    What is the Mage Guard of Hammor about? Is that part of the series Modesitt’s been doing about the Chaos Mages and the Order Mages?

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