Seen The Situation in the Wild?

The Situation from PS Publishing, downloadable here, has begun to show up on people’s doorsteps. I’m madly impatient to see it, although I know the huge box of them I’m getting will take longer to arrive than individual copies. If you’ve seen The Situation in the wild–is it as gorgeous in 3D as it seems in 2D?!


  1. says

    My copy of the jacketed hardcover edition arrived yesterday and it looks very, very nice. I hope to have a review written before the end of the week. Fittingly, I read it during the last half of my lunch break yesterday.

  2. Jake says

    My copy of the JHC arrived Monday. If anything it looks better in person than it does on the screen — maybe because it’s easier to take in without the inherent electronic glare of a monitor.

  3. says

    Apparently it landed yesterday. But I had it shipped to home home, ’cause the posties have a habit of just leaving packages on the ground outside the mail boxes in the middle of a city street…and…just…no.

    Kinda surprised it reached the antipodes the same time as the rest of the world though. Like, whoa.

  4. says

    My copy arrive last Thursday and it is a very nice book indeed, in fact I’d say that PS books have improved over the last year or so.

    I hope to read it tonight as I’ve finally completed The Terror.

    I also received a King Squid T-Shirt in bright yellow featuring a nice reproduction of John Coulthart’s amazing artwork…

    …now I just need to find a copy of A Surgeon’s Tale… could not supply it until they had received a 100 orders for the book.

  5. says

    They had a huge stack of the non-jacketed ones at Eastercon. It was a very attractive stack. And a smaller stack, by the end of Sunday.

  6. Jonathan K Stephens says

    Yes! “The Situation” has touched down in Canada. My copy of the Jacketed Version arrived today (I’m #86! Yay!), and it is indeed a lovely, lovely beast that has really brought out the fan-boy in me. The Scott Eagle painting is simply breathtaking (that’s one I’d love to have as a full size poster). The only very minor quibble, sure to drive the more persnickety collectors nutty down the road, is the mix-up between “jacketed” and “slip-cased” on the autograph sheet. However, I’ve just printed out Peter’s note from the PS site and included it in my copy as an errata slip. Apart from that, as is usual with PS, the production values are very, very high. By my count this is your fifth book to have an autographed edition issued and, apart from “The Exchange” which is a special case, it’s the nicest. This book will definitely be highly collectable.

    As for the story itself – it is, of course, merely brilliant and at 9,711 words is my early favorite for next year’s Novelette Hugo. Now I just can’t wait to read “Borne” which I predict will knock the whole SF&F community on its collective ass!



  7. Jonathan K Stephens says

    Whoops, in that case, make it – “The Situation” has touched down in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada :)

  8. James says

    I spoke too soon. It turned up in all its glory/horror with today’s mail. Looks nice, although the cover art is a mite darker than it appeared from your scans. Really looking forward to reading it.

  9. says

    Received my copy yesterday (not jacketed). It’s my first PS title too. Very nice material used, nice size, and if I had to pick, I’d say I like the back cover art more than the front. Very happy with it.

  10. Alex says

    I am quite disappointed in PS Publishing, to tell you the truth. I paid £17 (around $35) for my signed, jacketed copy and when the package arrived in the mail, they’d sent me another book by a different author. PS have yet to reply to my email…

  11. Alex says

    Thanks Jeff, but it’s all sorted out now. They were very good about it all, and I’m looking forward to reading The Situation soon!