I’m Dead and My Body Is Decaying: Weird Links for Weird Wednesday

These are weird. They’re not necessarily new.

(Click here for more from this cool artist.)

Cotard’s Delusion is the delusion that you’ve died and your body is decaying.

Neat article on Tesla

Finnish tourist violates Easter Island statue for souvenir

Extinct Boscrop humans were probably smarter than we are

Learn to love your body for what it is: a jury-rigged fish

Thanks to MS and Juan Mandible Sick-Eyes for some of these links.


  1. Jen A says

    1) The Finnish Tourist – The mentality behind this drives me insane! “Well, I’ve seen it, so now I’ll take a piece with me. After all, no one else needs to enjoy it.” Same with the Crystal Caves in Mammoth with tourists breaking off the stalactites or tossing coins into the hot springs at Yellowstone and killing the algae. Grrrrr!

    2) Cotard’s syndrome – Mademoiselle X denied she needed to eat? Believed she was eternally damned? Felt she could no longer die a natural death? Now, Dr. Cotard, I don’t want to tell you your business, but I think Mademoiselle X was a vampire. Obviously. Please don’t feel bad for having missed it, living in the 1800s you have not had the benefit of the many seasons of Buffy and Angel which has enabled me to render such a crack diagnosis. You’re welcome.

    Yes, I have nothing meaningful to contribute. Why do you ask?