Books Received–March 24

Some really interesting stuff here. I’m most excited about the Jack O’Connell–a really underrated writer–which I’m reviewing for a venue to be revealed later, but also the Millar looks very cool, as do the Park and the Nasir. Actually, it all looks tempting, really.

I also received the latest Apex, which includes an interview with me about Shriek, conducted by Hal Duncan. The magazine has really gotten a lot more sleek and graceful design-wise. Nice cover, too. Here’s a photo of it framed by the cool original art frame for the Surgeon’s Tale, sent to me today by James Owen:


  1. says

    I did like the cover for Apex 12, as well. Also- nice interview. Read it just the other day. I think it’s interesting- your position on readers and reviewers who interact with a text versus those who “misread a text”. You should extrapolate a bit more at a later point, heh.

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    I read The Resurrectionist a couple of months ago. It’s really good. O’Connell does his own special brand of weird. He really straddles that line between crime fiction and fantasy to create something new and original.

    In my review I wrote “Did the same breeding ground that produced the New Weird writers also produce a crime fiction writer? If so then that writer is Jack O’Connell.”

    I’d be curious to see what your take on that sentiment is Jeff.

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    I’ve loved O’Connell since his Box Six (Box Nine?) and am thrilled to get a chance to catch up with what he’s been doing. I think he’s a truly original imagination, with an uncanny ability to make the familiar new, and then add stuff that’s surreal.


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    OMG! O’Connell has a new book? I’m clearing my calendar for the book hunt. Don’t tell me I have to wait a few days. No, no. (Fingers in ears.)

  5. GabrielM says

    Am looking forward to THE RESURRECTIONIST. Been ages since a Jack O’Connell book.

  6. says

    I don’t think it’s a collection, BT.

    Gabriel–good to see you here! And both G and Mark–yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! New O’Connell! So far, it’s really good, too.