VanderMeers to Write an Art Column as io9 Continues to Take Over the World

Starting in mid-April, Ann and I will be doing an art column twice a month for io9. The emphasis will be on SF and science-fantasy/urban art. We’re pretty excited about this, in part because of the subject and in part because we like the people at io9 a lot.

I gave Ann every opportunity to get out of it. “Aren’t you sick of me enough already, what with the anthos and everything else?” Ann: “Yes, but I don’t have to be in the same room with you to do this column.” Me: “Fair enough!”

This will be our first collaborative column.


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    I’ve been totally out of commission with a bad flu all week, and open up my browser to THIS news.

    It was almost worth being sick. What a great addition to io9 you two are going to be! Can’t wait to read your column!

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    I’ve discovered more artists through you and Ann than I’m comfortable admitting (starting as far back as The Silver Web!). You both have a great eye, and I am very excited to read this column.

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    The giant robot renaissance masters? ;-)

    They seem to be going for the entertainingly sarky and tongue in cheek viewpoint, on browsing the last couple of days.