Oy…and Arizona!

This flu ain’t abating. Bloggin’ may be slow for a few days, chillins. Also Ann and I are goin to Tucson, Arizona, this weekend. I’m giving the keynote speech at the Arizona Convocation, a gathering of librarians who every year talk about how they’re going to celebrate the state’s upcoming centennial. We’re also doing a workshop with them called “The Secret Life of Arizona.” It’s not open to the public, but we will be doing a radio program or two, and catching up with some of our Clarion students from the summer!

Assuming I’m not in some kind of flu coma by then!

Jeffrog the Hallucinatin’

P.S. I’m really behind on all snail mail because of zee sickness. Contest winners, expect your books next week. Very sorry for the delay.


  1. Gio Clairval says

    Zee flu is zee bost terrible sickness in zee world. Sending you lots of vitabims right now. Hobe zees helbs.