Amazon Report on SC Book Festival

As I say in my Amazon report:

I can honestly say that it was one of the best-run festivals I’ve ever seen, and that we were made to feel like royalty the whole time. Which is not to say that at other events we’ve stepped off the plane and been instantly kneecapped by the organizers, but you could tell that the people running this festival really took pride in getting the details right. Not only that, they also really enjoyed themselves, which rubbed off on the participants.


  1. Timblynod says

    Jeff, you look tired. Are you getting plenty of sleep?

    BTW–I thought of a solution for your carpal tunnel thing. I calculated that by chopping 4 letters from my email (making it shorter, ergo less typing over a long period of time) I can postpone the onset of carpal tunnel by 7.58 months. (I read somewhere that the average person eats up 6 months of his life at the stop light. Friggin semaphores.)

    Don’t worry about the old email. It’ll just fade and go into the West.

  2. says

    And it was such a great book festival. I’m sorry I didn’t get to moderate your room but TJ had me in other places and when you are a volunteer, you go where the directors and coordinators tell you to go. I had a blast even though my hotel accommodations were sucky – long posting on my blog about it – hope you recover soon from the flu (there are so many varieties going around) and hope your trip to Arizona is a safe one and quite enjoyable. See you in the postings and hopefully at some book festivals coming up (Dahlonega, Decatur – both in August – may want to check them out). E :)

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