The Church Completes Work on Shriek Music

Some weeks it’s an embarrassment of riches. I just heard from The Church that they’re in post-production on the music cycle based on my novel, Shriek: An Afterword. They’ve added lyrics and everything, according to Steve Kilbey’s blog entry about it. I’m majorly psyched. This means the Shriek music will be available with the limited edition in CD form, and I believe The Church will at some point release it online.

From Steve’s blog:

tim and i had such a blast
we locked in our intentions
we secured a modus operandi
and we nailed it
using passages from the book
i sang screamed whispered pleaded ranted and raved
over the top of the churches roiling boiling music
guitars flutter and float and shake and shudder
we added some strings and leslied piano
tim jumps in shadowing my voice perfectly


  1. James says

    Will the CD that comes with the book include lyrics and/or this new material, or is it exactly what was used in the film? Not that I’d be disappointed either way; I’m pleased as can be that my advance investment in the Shriek special edition will feature all this added value.

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says

    No–this is not what was used in the film. You’ll note they’ve added instruments, vocals, etc. I think some of the material is now quite different.