SC Book Festival: Parts is Parts, and Dancing

Look what I found! Now I can build my own Grotesques despite not having a lick of artistic talent!

Last night was sooo much fun, btw. Seeing Jay Lake out on the dance floor and seeing Ann, bum shoulder and all, also dancing (with the keynote speaker, no less!), was really a special kind of joy. There was also a rare ten-year appearance of the VanderDancer, who was on stage for about two minutes. Really a world record for me. I’m into the speed dancing–do what you’re gonna do and get off the floor. Also had a really nice brunch with readers, going from table to table every ten minutes. All very cool.

Here’s Ann signing the first copy of Weird Tales she’s ever autographed!

More photos soon…


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    Yeah, but can you replace Ann’s bum shoulder with one of those parts? I rather fancy seeing her with that orange crab claw…

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    I didn’t get to be room monitor for your discussion (the multimedia presentation), but it was so much fun. I had a blast as I normally do. I will be posting a take of the events later on my blog. It was great seeing so many faces with names I’ve seen on blogs or in forums that I frequent – lol – always helps.

    Glad you had fun and hopefully will see you next year or years to come. see you in the postings – E :)