The New Weird: A Damn Fine Read!

Jeff VanderMeer • February 23rd, 2008 @ 5:45 pm • Uncategorized

The Guardian’s review of The New Weird (scroll down). I’ll post linkage and excerpts from all of the press thus far very soon.

Had a good day at the festival. The panel with Jay and Ann was great, with James O. Born doing a very good job of moderating and a superlative introduction by Jefferson Bryson. Then I did my Rough Guide to Ambergris multi-media, which went off without a hitch, although I think a few members of the audience went away scratching their heads. Then we attended a fine reading featuring Jay Lake and five other writers. Now it’s collapsing time until dinner.

I’ll be more descriptive in the morning, but I have to say everyone here is so nice. Not that they kneecap ya at other events when you show up, but…


One Response to “The New Weird: A Damn Fine Read!”

  1. Nadine says:

    In my opinion, getting called ‘a damned fine read’ is the epitome of a compliment for any book. Well done on the Guardian review.

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