South Carolina Book Festival

Jeff VanderMeer • February 23rd, 2008 @ 12:01 am • Uncategorized

So, Ann and I love these kinds of book festivals because you meet so many different kinds of writers. Today, we met a couple of mystery-thriller writers, the Poet Laureate of Virginia, a Shakespeare scholar who writes thrillers but will be doing SF under a pen name, a lawyer who writes law thrillers, a publicist for sports books, another poet (Lola Haskins) who I not only published back in the 1980s but has a very cool coffee table book out now, and, hey, this SF writer named Jay Lake.

The reception tonight was in a library full of illuminated manuscripts with lovely food and interesting conversation. Tomorrow, we earn our keep with a panel on SF and the Rough Guide to Ambergris multi-media presentation.


4 Responses to “South Carolina Book Festival”

  1. Noé O. Vaca says:

    I am new at this kind of things, as a new writer I went to the Festival on Sunday to look around, observe and learn what is going on because I will be part of these kind of events to promote and sell my love story, hopping next year in Columbia, but soon in other cities of SC and other States.


  2. Steve Buchheit says:

    A library full of illuminated manuscripts. Oh man, I would have been a total design geek at that moment. FWIW, design geeks are totally worse than Star Trek geeks quoting Monty Python lines.

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