John Picacio on Amazon

Short feature on The Right Honorable John Picacio, talking about his involvement in the new editions of Moorcock’s Elric books.


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    I saw this on the shelf this weekend, and I’m tempted to get it even though I already have another collected works collection called “Song of the Black Sword.”
    Handsome looking volume, though, and awfully tempting.

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    These stories are a bit different from the Song of the Black Sword collection. Moorcock (as writers are wont to do… looks sternly at Jeff) has edited and modified the original stories over the years. This collection is the ORIGINAL stories reprinted as they first appeared and in the order in which they were published. The book also offers several interesting Elric tidbits such as magazine covers to some of the first appearances, an early map of Melnibone, the first lengthy review of Stormbringer, and a bunch more. I own all the Elric tales, but I was thrilled to get this book.