The New Weird–Library Journal Review

…a new vision of both fantasy and sf, a startling blend of visceral imagery and fresh evocative prose that marked the evolution of imaginative fiction into a form that drew from fantasy, sf, and horror to create something indefinably new….From Miéville’s expansion on his world of New Crobuzon focusing on the deliberately mutilated creatures called the Remade (“Jack”) to Clive Barker’s horrifically stunning portrayal of two cities in literal battle (“In the Cities, the Hills”) the tales live up to their assigned category. Other contributing authors include Michael Moorcock, Sarah Monette, K.J. Bishop, and M. John Harrison. Highly recommended for all libraries interested in the latest in sf and fantasy as well as modern horror.


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    Very apt summation there. I wish I could have condensed my review of TNW into a paragraph or two like that (I did love it, though).

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    Barker’s story is called “In the Hills, the Cities”, right? (Can’t check since my Books of Blood are in boxes somewhere.) I noticed the reversed title in an earlier post here as well.

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    Cool, especially since I’m curious to see what others made of the various sections of the anthology. Always something that I downplayed or overlooked that someone will highlight or give a new perspective on.