Overheard from TV while writing…

“Getting old is tough enough as it is, but you might also find your bones being stolen while you sleep…”

What the f—?! No one’s stealing my bones while I’m asleep. Of course, it turned out to be some ad for a calcium supplement, but sounded like a teaser for a horror movie…


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    Maybe it’s a sign that people are more ready for geriatric SF? Might make for an interesting short story about the calcium bandits, I suppose…

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    There used to be an ad for Chili’s or Applebees or TGIF or something like that, the focus of which was their boneless chicken wings. It featured animated “tribal” figures shaking spears and chanting, over and over, in deep haunting voices: BONELESS . . . BONELESS . . . BONELESS . . . It was positively Lovecraftian.

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    Isn’t this called a creative misreading? (Or in this case, mishearing?) I once saw an ad in a magazine which featured a man’s sweaty wrist and hand coming down from the top, clutching a huge clod of black, steaming dirt. Bold letters beside it said, CLEANSE YOUR DIRTY SOUL. I was immediately alarmed. I looked again, and of course it what it really said was, Cleanse Your Dirty Soil. That was years ago, and I remember it vividly.