Time Management

I had a bit of a panic attack earlier this week, brought on, I think, by two things: (1) not taking enough time off after doing the Predator novel and (2) having a lot of deadlines between now and April 2nd. The first meant I hadn’t recharged creatively after having completed a task I had never ever done before: completing a novel in two months. The second meant that I froze up and couldn’t get anything done. I’d forgotten my cardinal rules since I became a freelancer: look only at the work in front of you; have a detailed timeline for completion of all tasks; don’t try to fit too much into any one day; jettison or postpone the less important deadlines; and always watch Homicide: Life on the Streets from 12-1pm to chill out. :)

Having now remembered all of these rules, just note that if you’re waiting to hear from me on something, there will most likely be more of a delay than usual in terms of my response. I’ll get to you within a couple of days of when I said I would, though.

Also…I can’t take on any more requests for blurbs for books. I am always looking for freelance work, especially past mid-April, but I can’t do any more blurbing for awhile.

Blogging is actually fun for me, so I’ll continue to do it regularly–I really appreciate having so many fun, clever people commenting, too. Helps take the edge off.



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    How easy it can be to get derailed from our own discipline and habits. Jeff, I’m sure you’ll get right back on track. And if you miss your “Homicide” rerun, there’s always an episode of “The Wire” as a backup!