Locus Online–Year in Review

Oy. Just finished my comprehensive overview of the best of 2007 for Locus Online. Novels, First Novels, Anthologies, Notable Reprints, Graphic Novels, Other Books, and Sins of Omission. Just about killed me. I read more books in 2007 than ever before, and more in genre than ever before. Just parsing it all down to the best stuff was a Herculean task.

I didn’t tackle short story collections and YA because I didn’t read comprehensively in those areas. Picking year’s bests in those areas would’ve just been relaying random anecdotal evidence, which I hate to see in these kinds of overviews.

The Sins of Omission section lists those major books I didn’t get to read, since I thought it unfair to just not mention them as that’s my failing.

This took about seven hours. I am now just about dead, but the deed is done. It should go live sometime next week.


PS Help! Between the typing and the weightlifting, I can’t lift my arms anymore.


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    Hey, Jeff,
    Thanks for not doing a wussy job on the young adult stuff. I chaired the National Book Award for Young People this year. We had more than 250 entries which just about killed the five of us to read in about 4 months. We worked our butts off to come up with what we thought was a shortlist of five great books, mostly young adult.
    You can check them out here:
    Hope you can get some rest now!