What I’m Reading..What’re You Reading?

Currently, I’m reading the following. Most of it falls into pretty traditional genre categories. I’m just on a tear of this kind of stuff.


The Adventures of Little Lou by Lucy Swan (a beautifully designed book–John Coulthart–from Savoy; it’s a bit punkish, a bit Lord Horror-ish)

Lankhmar Vols 1 – 3 by Fritz Leiber (reissues from Dark Horse of the Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser stories)

Inside Straight: Wild Cards edited by George RR Martin (the series of superhero novels written by Martin’s troupe of collaborators)

Hunter’s Run by George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham (action-packed SF)

The Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie (heroic fantasy, gritty–I kinda sped through the first one and then had to read the second quickly, too, and I want to be more leisurely and savor the really cool stuff about both)

Pump Six by Paolo Bacigalupi (short stories; really finding this intriguing)

Truancy by Isamu Fukui (very cool coming-of-age SF novel)

Carlucci by Richard Paul Russo (the three collected near-future SF detective novels; I really am loving these, just like I loved his Ship of Fools)

SO, that’s me, what about YOU?


  1. says

    Jeffrey Thomas – MonstroCity (really, REALLY enjoyed the Punktown collection)
    Jonathan Lethem – just got ‘Fortress of Solitude’ and Motherless Brooklyn (i’ve only read ‘Gun with occasional Music’ but liked it)
    Jonathan Safran Foer – Everything Is Illuminated (everyone and their brothers already read it and well i’m curious if it can live up to the hype)

  2. says

    Just finished In the Cities of Coin and Spice, which was great, and I’ve been recommending it all over the place, and John Irving’s The Water Method Man, which, well, wasn’t and I won’t.

    Now I’m reading Crowley’s Little, Big, Lint by Aylett, Sporty Spec from Raven Electrick Ink, and Wind Follower by McDonnell. Oh, and an e-ARC of Pump Six for review (I’m not a fan of e-ARCs, but…). And far too many on my once-I’m-done-with-these-books pile to mention.

  3. says

    Jesse B: the book in question was New Writing & Writers #16, a John Calder publication from 1979 which I imagine is rather difficult to find now. Burroughs’ piece was Cobblestone Gardens, which has been collected elsewhere, same with Moorcock’s contribution, The Kassandra Peninsula. Neil Jordan’s piece wasn’t very distinguished, as I recall, but the company certainly was.

  4. Billy Cryer says

    Today finished ‘Rocannon’s World,’ and ‘The Deep’ (latter by John Crowley). Now alternating between ‘The Blue Flower,’ (Penelope Fitzgerald) ‘The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye’ by A.S. Byatt, and poems by Tennyson. ‘Rocannon’s World’ is still pressed against my mind; Le Guin’s subtle imagery always startles me–it’s so…pristine? I can’t find the word (I’m thinking of the lyrical beauty of the prologue in ‘The Tombs of Atuan,’ which I spied even in ‘The Left Hand of Darkness.’

    Bathroon reading: ‘Le Morte d’Arthur.’ Each chapter is short and succint–perfect for bathroom visits. But I thought Merlin was ensorceled into a tree by Vivian, and Malory says he’s shoved under a rock by Nimue? Perhaps this stuff should be canonized so there won’t be all this confusion.

  5. GlenH says

    @Billy Cryer: I’ve read both versions too – personally I prefer the rock.

    I’ve just finished Chris Lawson’s excellent and all too short collection “Written in Blood”. Thoughtful topical (sf) stories and equally topical essays – worth the trouble to get hold of.

  6. Johanna Vainikainen-Uusitalo says

    Recently enjoyed: “Nedut” by J.Pekka Mäkelä and “Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta” by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen, two Finnish novels I had long wanted to read and now liked a lot. And because somebody wanted to borrow the Marianne trilogy by Sheri S. Tepper, I just had to reread it quickly for the nth time.

    Currently reading: Homer’s Iliad (slowly, savouring hexameter in Finnish), “Lint” by Steve Aylett and some hunting magazines I hoarded when translating Dunsany… and Astrid Lindgren for the kids. Do dictionaries count if you just go on reading them after forgetting what you were supposed to look for in the first place?

    Waiting, on top of the pile: “Secret Life” by Jeff, “Was” by Geoff Ryman (reread), “Titus Groan” by Mervyn Peake (reread), “V for Vendetta” (Finnish translation) and a MS of something Secret written by a friend of mine, also in Finnish…

  7. Donnie B. says

    I recently finished Nights at the Circus by Carter. I am currently reading Baron in the Trees by Calvino and I just received Arc d’ X in the mail. Thanks for posting your recommended reading list Jeff! All of these writers are incredibly unique and interesting. That’s all!

  8. says

    Love this video but would like to have seen Bertie in it too. Perhaps they’ve got a sequel showing Bertie and Big Brother 9winner Rachel Rice walking down the road together arm in arm. They are both very sweet characters so would go well together :-)

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