Washington Post Book World Review of Laura Warholic

Here’s my WP Book World review of Laura Warholic, by Alexander Theroux. I love a lot of Theroux’s fiction, but this one has some problems.

Can a novel about love and the illusions of love be created out of almost 900 satire-laced pages devoted to obscene invective, hatred, pettiness, ignorance, pity, pride and hubris? This is the question raised by Alexander Theroux’s first novel in 20 years, Laura Warholic or, The Sexual Intellectual. If the answer is “maybe,” the blame lies less with Theroux’s prodigious natural talent than with how he has chosen to structure his narrative and the repetitive nature of his characterizations.


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    Still no comments for Alexander Theroux? I’ll have to leave one.

    Jeff, this inspired me to fire off an order for “Darconville’s Cat” because I realized how very long it has been since I read that book. Perhaps I’ll fire off one for this novel as well… A flawed Theroux is bound to have its own interest!

    It occurs to me that I’ve never even looked at his Edward Gorey book, too.