Pred Research Detritus: Alien Vs, um, Hunter

The trailer above cannot really convey the abomination that is the Alien/Predator rip-off Alien versus…ready for it…Alien vs Hunter. Yes, that’s right: Alien VERSUS Hunter. Starring an aging William Katt, former teen heart-throb. If starring it be, me hearties.

We rented this because we thought, all right, maybe I’d learn something from it that would be useful for the novel. No such luck. Worst part might just be when this woman goes, “It doesn’t know where we are” when they’ve just gotten onto its ship. Or, maybe when another woman says something like “it likes us for its preys.” For real! Or, maybe, just maybe, with all of the crap creature costumes.

I’m thinking they somehow got away with this blatant copyright infringement by making the “Alien” have legs like a spider, or making the “Hunter” look like scraps of some deep-sea diver’s suit.

Anyway, this other YouTube video kinda sums up our experience, although the guy yaps on for far too long. We couldn’t finish watching–either A vs H or the video below.