Friday Links–Catching Up with the Amazon Book Blog

Here’s a Friday round-up of all of the December/January posts I made to the Amazon book blog–the ones I didn’t blog about because I was busy on the novel. Enjoy! (And thanks to Matt Staggs for some technical help with these.)


Elizabeth Bear’s Dust

David Keck–ambushed!

Michael Boatman, actor and writer, interviewed

Zombie Virginia Woolf rises from dead to author creative writing book

Spot yer monsters, spot yer monsters here!

KJ Parker’s massive fantasy trilogy parsed in a sparse paragraph

Three bloated Behemoths from three white dudes…approacheth…

Peter Beagle’s…an oak king?

Age of Bronze–like 300 without the stupidity…

Saterstrom’s spirit ‘n’ meat

Hal Duncan, confused but sassy, calls SF fantasy

Visiting with contemporary cartoonists

Dick announcement

Love for Russo’s Ship of Fools

Robin Brenner parsing manga–with avatars!

Metatemporal Moorcock

Sarah Monette–ambushed!


  1. says

    After reading the Keck feature, I am curious what it is about In the Eye of Heaven that attracted you. I read it almost a year ago and while I think my mood at the time affected my take on it, it seems to be the type that’s getting very mixed reviews. I’m going to be re-reading that and the upcoming sequel, In a Time of Treason in the next couple of weeks in preps for reviewing the latter, so I just thought I’d inquire as to what about the first book appealed to you.

  2. JeffVanderMeer says

    I think it’s a solid, entertaining heroic fantasy–certainly a very good first novel. Is it within the core of what really gets to me *personally*? No. But my role for Amazon is to represent a lot of different reading tastes.


  3. says

    Good points. I’ll take those into consideration when I read both of them back-to-back next weekend or the one afterwards.

  4. James says

    The most interesting blog entry, IMHO, was the Hal Duncan one. Yes, SF is a subset of fantasy. Discuss.

  5. says

    Yep, it is. End of discussion. LOL.

    The Amazon entries have to be a mix of book descriptions, interviews, etc. I think the best thing I can do is alert people to books they haven’t heard of before but might like, in that context.

  6. kellys says

    >>I think the best thing I can do is alert people to books they haven’t heard of before but might like…

    On that note, thanks for alerting me to the Boatman collection. There’s certainly a book for every reading taste in those links.