The New Weird: Starred Review!!!

Just got the word that our New Weird anthology received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.  Here’s the text of the review:

The VanderMeers (Best American Fantasy) ably demonstrate the sheer breadth of the “New Weird” fantasy subgenre in this powerful anthology of short fiction and critical essays. Highlights include strong fiction by authors such as M. John Harrison, Clive Barker, Kathe Koja and Michael Moorcock whose work pointed the way to such definitive New Weird tales as Jeffrey Ford’s “At Reparata” and K.J. Bishop’s “The Art of Dying.” Lingering somewhere between dark fantasy and supernatural horror, New Weird authors often seek to create unease rather than full-fledged terror. The subgenre’s roots in the British New Wave of the 1960s and the Victorian Decadents can lend a self-consciously literary and experimental aura, as illustrated by the “laboratory,” where more mainstream fantasy and horror authors, including Sarah Monette and Conrad Williams, try their hands at creating New Weird stories. This extremely ambitious anthology will define the New Weird much as Bruce Sterling’s landmark Mirrorshades anthology defined cyberpunk. (Mar.)

The book will be out from Tachyon Publications the next month.  We are very excited!!!! (Can you tell?)


  1. says

    I’m excited about this one too. Almost as much as I am about the Steampunk antho (steampunk stirs a giddy excitement in me, like what a kid feels going to Disney World.) You guys do good work!

  2. Darja MC says

    That’s exceedingly awesome.

    This extremely ambitious anthology will define the New Weird much as Bruce Sterling’s landmark Mirrorshades anthology defined cyberpunk.


  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    We’ve been meticulous with this antho, if I do say so myself. I mean, we have put more work into this one than anything else we’ve ever edited except the disease guide. I think people will really enjoy it. We don’t claim New Weird as a movement is really still around, but it’s a definite influence on new writers. Also, a big thank you to M. John Harrison for allowing us to reprint his story, because we know he’s very ambivalent about the term. Only story we didn’t get that we wanted to was Ballard’s “Drowned Giant.” Ballard was, I think, otherwise preoccupied when we queried him.


  4. James says

    Who’d you pay off to get that star? But seriously, that’s great news for the anthology. I know from experience that there are bookstores who wouldn’t otherwise have touched the book, but with that starred review they’ll be happy to order it in quantity.

  5. says

    I want to read this book so badly that I can taste it. Not that I’m into eating books; I mean that I’m salivating over the prospect of reading. Perhaps it’s because I often eat while I’m reading. But should one eat while reading The New Weird sort of story? Or might one lose one’s appetite? It’s quite the dilemma, isn’t it?

    Yes, this is me, babbling with excitement. I do hope this book arrives on my doorstep very soon.