Bhutto Assassinated

More details here.

A few observations.

For those who have been equating Bhutto and Musharaff, like on CNN–they are not equivalents. Musharaff is a dictator. Bhutto was a political leader who worked within the system, no matter what you think of corruption charges, etc., leveled against her.

Bush’s press secretary using this opportunity to go fearmongering again, saying this shows why we need a war on terror, and barfing out the usual lines about “they want to destroy our freedom,” etc., is disgusting to an extreme. Especially since the organization or people responsible aren’t know yet. Especially when Musharaff may well be involved in the assassination.

Musharaff is responsible to some extent for this tragedy because of his inability to give up power and his weakness in dealing with extremists in his country.

Bush’s hypocritical rhetoric on Pakistan, the democratic crisis there, and Musharaff’s actions continue to disgust me.


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    Pretty much my thoughts on the whole thing, too. I was watching CNN this morning, and I was pretty disgusted. I heard Guliani blame it on Islamic terrorists, with no evidence whatsoever, which was not a surprise I guess. Similarly Bush and the others’ bloody broken record of “oh my God teh terroistz!1!!!” is getting so dull. The influence it has on people is scary.

    Gah. I despair.

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    Yes, this is disgusting. But, aside from Bush and Musharaff, pretty much all politicians are weasels. At least that is the conclusion I have come to. My disgust has deepened to the point where I am not even sure I am going to vote in the next presidential election—because almost all of these folks seem a bit too blood hungry for my taste.