Top Three Reasons I Can’t Wait to Finish This Predator Novel

#3 – Cats unwilling or unable to pay attention long enough to help me properly choreograph the relevant battle scenes.

#2 – Sick of writing “Suddenly the Predator popped out of the bushes and killed [the character whose life history was just laid out before you in the prior chapter].”

#1 – The perfect Padron 1926 series hand-rolled cigar waiting for me upon completion.


PS I will continue to be a bad correspondent until Jan. 14, folks. Have a good holiday week.


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    You can’t be that surprised that the cats aren’t co-operating. Who wants to play opposite a Predator? It’s like being forced to be Princess Leia every single time. Not that she doesn’t kick arse, but she doesn’t mess around with a light sabre either.

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    Kind of a rude comparison but I’ve been there with spreadsheets. Relatively inflexible deadline, massive amount of work, uncooperative data yielding inexplicable results. In the end that cigar, or special Scotch or fine meal really feels good! Then it’s time for a week off.

    Enjoy Jeff, we’ll all be thankful for your efforts!


    PS – If you like, you can borrow the radio controlled exoskeleton that I attach to our cat when she’s being intransigent. The dog loves it!