Recent Amazon Posts and More

Above you’ll find my video interview with John Scalzi, part of this Amazon post about his latest books.

In addition, check out four great SF/F gifts and a short profile of Elizabeth Bear.

I also highly recommend Amazon posts on Rowling’s handwritten fairy tales (bought by Amazon) and some really giant books

Finally, the latest Locus contains my report on Utopiales. Here’s a snippet.

In many other ways Utopiales 2007 was a triumph of clear vision. It defined itself by the dynamic and crisp use of space in the Cite Internationale des Congres center, which leant itself to a SF/Fantasy event. The organizers clearly understood that good design leads to a good convention. The best example of this was the interactive and often brilliant art show that lined both sides of the passageways leading to the bar, panels, book room, movie theaters, and the main stage. The stunning sculptures of Didier Cottier dominated the art exhibits, but everything was top-notch, including a “steampunk time machine” and rich, effervescent portraits by Pascale Nubret.