Ben Templesmith’s Cover Art for Shriek Limited

Jeff VanderMeer • December 14th, 2007 @ 3:09 pm • News

Here’s Ben Templesmith’s kick-ass artwork for the limited edition Shriek coming out from Wyrm Books next year. John Coulthart is doing the cover design and interior design.


12 Responses to “Ben Templesmith’s Cover Art for Shriek Limited”

  1. Paul Jessup says:

    That. is. AWESOME.

  2. Luís Rodrigues says:

    Fantastic, I love Templesmith’s artwork.

  3. Angela says:


  4. Corey Redekop says:

    Jeez, I need another word for awesome…uh…OUTSTANDING!

  5. Alex D M says:

    That’s fantastically cool.

  6. JeffVanderMeer says:

    Glad you all like it. I’m thrilled. There’s also the possibility Templesmith and I will work together on a joint project from one of my stories. But, in the meantime, I’ll be doing the intro to his second Wormwood collection.

  7. Sir Tessa says:

    Tres gorgeous, indeed.

  8. JIm Hall says:

    Wow that is incredible. I have always loved Templesmith’s work.

  9. moali says:

    Templesmith AND Coulthart? That’s just being greedy…

  10. JeffVanderMeer says:

    Yes, it is. And then when you throw in having the DVD of the Shriek movie included, and, hopefully, the soundtrack by the Church on a CD…yep, greedy.


  11. Dave Larsen says:

    Where do I sign up?! I dig that cover Jeff, I think maybe it’s my favorite cover for any of your books yet. And that’s saying something.


  12. Jason Erik Lundberg says:

    Holy shit, Jeff. That is amazing.

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