Short Break…

I know I just got back, but I need a break from the break, so to speak.

Right now, I’m totally immersed in two totally different projects–Dying Earth story and Predator novel (Horia, you don’t die)–while also reading Alexander Theroux’s new novel, totally different from everything else, for review, while also interviewing both Steven Erikson and Steve Erickson, while also doing a bevy of graphic novel reviews. It’s not that it’s too much. It’s that it’s all too different. I need to shut off all other, different things, like this blog, before I get the bends.

Unless something incredible occurs that I have to write about, I’m not back until after December 1st.


PS Veniss Underground is now available on Zee Infernal Device.

2050, some reader in the US: “I still remember that first book I downloaded to Kindle–VanderMeer’s Predator novel. I took it on that road trip with my first real girl friend. It got dirt on it in New Hampshire and a stray leaf caught on its display and got trapped there in Idaho; by the time we got to California, the Kindle didn’t work at all and I couldn’t read anything on it–and anyway, there were the Warming riots and people were shooting people everywhere (not everywhere that way–I mean, mostly in the head and torso)–but it’s still on the mantle, next to the plasma rifle. It’s almost totally rotted away, but it’s still the most important thing I own. Next to my gas mask.”


  1. Jim Pierce says

    What is the title of Alex Theroux’s newest novel? I was at college with him years ago. Thanks in advance of yout response! JP.