Idiocracy: Satire Not Science Fiction

We finally got to see Idiocracy, and were pleasantly surprised by the movie. As I’m sure has been noted, this isn’t SF so much as satire of our current times. Although the movie indulges in some of the same stupidity it’s trying to send up, the core of the film is sound. By simply increasing the present day’s stupidity level by a factor of 10, Idiocracy, sometimes painfully, points out not just how retarded we have allowed our consumer society to make us, but also how much we prize that slack-jawed, spittle-producing approach, mostly by downplaying and denigrating intelligence rather than rewarding it.

This isn’t so much a movie review as a platform to point out that our current society has gone seriously wrong and seems headed for hell in a handbasket unless things improve soon. One need only step over the border to Canada to sample the difference–in everything from more honest political discourse to less selfishness and less of a wholesale rush toward oblivion by making our God out of designer clothes, the latest electronic gadget, and stentorian SUVs that anyone who had any perspective would understand are basically tanks wielding death and destruction to the atmosphere. So, viva la estupida! Or something like that. Where’s my damn itunes upgrade and why the hell don’t I have that eighty-dollar pair of shoes yet, and please pass me yet a beer from that six-pack, the plastic from which will wind up wedged down the throat of a pelican, condemning yet another living creature to death just because I’m an ape who has lost any connection with the natural environment I’ve evolved out of…

Evil Monkey will have more to say later.


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    As a proud Canadian, I’d like to sadly state that we’re not the different. We waste everything. We elect idiots and demagogues to positions of authority. We are hardy folk, yes, but hardly wise.

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    My wife and I caught the last 45 minutes or so of Idiocracy. I think I’d rate it as “more important than good,” because, as you say, “the movie indulges in some of the same stupidity it’s trying to send up,” and my patience for same is low. But I’m interested in seeing how the film has entered the cultural lexicon – being referenced on Real Time, etc…. and am glad I know what it is.

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    Glad I caught this on DVD when it came out. The studio buried it.
    Meg and I had the same reaction that Lou did: “More important than good,” but highly enjoyable nonetheless.

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    funny! I just rented this movie the other day and watched it. Not bad. Not great either. About half way through the idiocy jokes kind of fall flat. I also thought the movie was very racist.

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    In the movie, the hit show of the future is “Ow! My Balls!” with a guy getting kicked in the balls.

    Right after watching the movie, I saw a commercial where the punchline was a guy getting kicked in the balls.