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Jeff VanderMeer • November 12th, 2007 @ 6:04 pm • Uncategorized

Right, so I’m still working off the jetlag, getting back into the swing of things, so it’ll be a little slow for a couple of days. But, here’s some news, some information, some stuff.

– I’ll have Utopiales photos up and some description of the event in the next day or so, but the main report is exclusive to Locus Magazine, so…

– I’ll be posting reviews of the movies Sunshine, Knocked Up, and a couple of others shortly.

– Wyrm Books will be doing a limited edition of Shriek, with a cover by Ben Templesmith of 30 Days of Night fame, some new material included, a DVD of the Shriek movie, and, with any luck, 45 minutes of music by The Church (still working that one out). The design will be by the amazing John Coulthart. It’ll be a great package. More info when I have it.

– I’ll be giving some indepth explanation of my Amazon top 10 SF/F books, as announced last week, including a list of other books that could easily have been on the list.

– My review of Steve Erickson’s Zeroville has gone through copy-editing by the Washington Post Book World and will appear sometime in the next couple of weeks, I believe.

– I’ll also be doing an article on neglected writers for a new magazine from Bantam-Spectra, to appear in 2008.

– My story “Appoggiatura” from the spelling bee antho should be posted soon, in a rather unique way. More details as I have them.

7 Responses to “State of the VanderWorld”

  1. Jessica Reisman says:

    I’m a neglected writer, Jeff. Me, very neglected.

  2. David Kirkpatrick says:

    Nice to hear about the Shriek limited – I’ll have to add that to the other Wyrm books I’ve ordered, once they announce it.

    Any update on the ‘Secret Lives’ book? I ordered one of the limiteds of that ages ago from Prime, but haven’t heard anything about it in quite a while. An email or two to Prime earlier in the year didn’t get any response…

    Regards, David

  3. Tess @ Work says:

    Ditto, the limited Shriek sounds tres spiffy.

  4. Paul Jessup says:

    Oh, so glad I have a Locus subscription.

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Hey–David, supposedly the Secret Lives book is at the printer. Sorry for the delay.


  6. Sean Wallace says:

    It’s at the printers, and hopefully it’ll be in your hands by xmas!

  7. David Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update. Is that both the trade and the limited lettered?

    I’m looking forward to it!

    Regards, David

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