Pontification Continues: Cultpop and Aqueduct

In support of Shriek–you should really buy a copy of the trade paperback so I can continue living in the state of blissful poverty to which I’ve become accustomed these past nine months (and, really, I’m serious–I’m a full-time writer who generally creates what they call “literary fantasy,” which means I’m forever going to be living on the edge, so…buy the book if you’re so inclined)–I’ve done a couple more interviews.

One is with Cultpop TV, which also airs on television stations in Michigan. You’ll have to select my interview out of the list. Ann shot the videotape of me while they shot the rest in Michigan as the questions were being asked. Pretty cool.

And then Timmi Duchamp–one of my favorite writers and favorite people (the two don’t always go together)–asked me some unique questions for her Aqueduct blog.