Never in My Lifetime…

Jeff VanderMeer • October 26th, 2007 @ 2:51 pm • Uncategorized

…did I expect these two brawlers to lie down side-by-side. Wonder if they’re ill. Jango and Jackson, like peas in a pod. Something horrible must be about to happen…


5 Responses to “Never in My Lifetime…”

  1. AnnV says:

    I chalk it up to Global Warming……

  2. Sir Tessa says:

    They’ve forged an unholy alliance and are going to perform a synchronized attack on your office chairs while you sleep.

  3. Ennis Drake says:

    Something about the black and white one . . . that half-cocked eye . . . the stiffness of the ears . . . it reminds me of Smog from the animated Hobbit.

    “Well, thief? I smell you, I feel your air and I hear your breath. Come along! Help yourself; there’s plenty, AND to spare.”

  4. Ennis Drake says:

    Note: typed “Smog”, meant Smaug.

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