Book Sale Victim: Jackson

The latest victim of our booksale: Jackson, our cat.

Me: “Honey–Jackson’s gotten strapping tape attached to his face.”

Jackson’s running around like a crazy thing, trying to get the tape off of his face.

Ann: “I’ll track him down…”

Minutes later…

Me: “Is he okay.”

Ann: “Oh, he’s ruined. Totally ruined.”


  1. says

    Yes, we did give him a belly rub. Luckily, he reboots every four minutes, so he’s long ago forgotten all about it.

    Later, we will wall up our other cat behind books in an obvious attempt to get people to buy more books.


  2. ennis drake says

    Oviously when you say ruined, you mean rotten. As in spoiled.

    Reminds me of the time our cat, Terrible Chester (anyone an Elliot fan?) got caught in a bundle of helium ballons from my daughter’s birthday party . . . and ran pell-mell through the house, back and forth, back and forth, ballons rumpling and boinging, scaring the hell out of all the other cats. Even after we untangled him, it was hours before any of the others would come out of hiding.

  3. Ennis Drake says


    If I would have had a video camera running, I’d surely be holding a check for $10,000 smackers. Ala AFV. : )