Halo 3

I don’t play video games. It’s nothing against video games–it’s that I don’t have the time. I played Myst and Myst 2, and that devoured hundreds of hours of my time. When I play a game, I play it obsessively until it’s done. And that’s why I avoid them. If I played, I’d never get any writing or editing done. I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs or cigarettes, but video games constitute a real danger for me.

That said, this ad for Halo 3 is pure, unadulterated genius. I wish I got the same sense of sadness and hope out of most SF I read as from this damn ad.



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    I’ve let games slip out of my life. I just don’t have the time I once did, nor the wrists, and my priorities changed. I miss gaming though. Quite a lot.

    (That said, when I get home I will buy an Xbox 360 just to play Halo 3, because there are games, and then there are games.)

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    You sound a lot like my wife Brandy.. (thankfully you don’t look anything like her) When we first got together and I suggested buying a video game console, she kept telling me that it would take too much time away from my writing, that I’d never get anything done. I thought that was odd since I have plenty of games on my computer and play them like once a month or so. I just wanted something away from the computer that I could play occasionally.

    As the discussions escalate (as they often do in a marriage), I discovered she was hooked on video games and worried that if we got a console, SHE would never get anything done. So the truth is out!

    We still don’t own a console game of any sort. I still play the occasional game on my computer.

    (BTW, my addiction is baseball.)

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    That commercial gave me chills, and I’ve never even played Halo. Speaking of sadness and hope, though, Haldeman’s “The Forever Wars” gave me that exact combination of feelings.

    I stopped buying video games because I play them like mad for a few days and then suddenly stop. I love good games, especially massive multiplayer first-person shooters (I’m a bad-ass sniper in games like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, by the way), but I just can’t commit to them long enough to get my money’s worth. I also own a laptop now, and my rig is definitely not set up for gaming. Consoles are way too expensive for me. Three hundred bucks, plus maybe almost $100 for a game? That’s a lot of books and coffee, man.