Book Sale–Yes, Another Update

We’ve now sold over 800 books, but that just means there’re about 500 still waiting for a good home at our Hoegbotton Book Sale. We’ve reduced a few prices here and there, consolidated, deleted all sold books from the record, added a couple of things (like a copy of Conrad Williams’ The Unblemished in hc, under Signed/mostly limited in Oddities), and we’ve also finally gotten a handle on all the orders. The last of them should ship by Monday–of what we’ve gotten through this morning.

One special deal: take all the sensationalist/true crime mass markets off our hands for only $12. That’s about $1 a book.

Also remember that Vander Oddities includes books I’ve published like Stepan Chapman’s The Troika and Jeffrey Thomas’ Punktown.

Anyway, although sections like graphic novels are quite depleted, many Oddity sections are still going strong, as are categories like trade paperback fiction and nonfiction, hardcover fiction and nonfiction, mysteries, coffee table books, etc.