Amazon: Nova Swing Hits the US

Jeff VanderMeer • September 27th, 2007 @ 11:05 pm • Book Reviews

My interview with M. John Harrison. You’ve returned to the same setting as Light with Nova Swing, but Nova Swing isn’t really a sequel, right?
M. John Harrison: It’s a kind of companion piece. It’s less sprawling than Light. It could be read independently but there’s some interplay, which you would miss if you hadn’t read the other book. I wanted to revisit the genetically-modified servants and entertainers–the prostitutes, gladiators, rickshaw girls and gun-kiddies–and show them as more human than some of the human beings. A key element I wanted to extend from the first book was the idea of human behaviour as code, further undermining conventional ideas we have of personality, character and consciousness.

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