News Bites: Templesmith, Other Earths, Surgeon’s Tale

Just a few news bites, starting with: I’ll be doing the introduction to the second collected volume of Ben Templesmith’s Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. Considering the high-volume of fungus and squid in Wormwood, it’s a good match. (And more on Wormwood later this week, on this very blog.)

I’ve sold “The Goat Variations,” about our current president, some psychics in vats, and whole bunch of other stuff, to Jay Lake and Nick Gevers’ DAW antho Other Earths.

My book with Cat Rambo, The Surgeon’s Tale & Other Stories, has expanded somewhat to include Cat’s “A Key Decides Its Destiny” and my own “The Farmer’s Cat,” which I’ve grown a lot more fond of lately. So that’s five stories total, including the 12k “The Surgeon’s Tale,” “The Dead Girl’s Wedding March” (Cat), and “The Lovecraft Cafe” (me, MF Korn, and Des Lewis). With interior illos by Kim Dikeman and a cover by James Owen. It’ll be available for the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs.


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    We’ll have an announcement shortly. Cat and I are doing it through our Two Free Lancer Press. There will be a paypal ordering site and everything.

    Thanks for the interest!