Headed to Seattle

I won’t be posting again until Monday, but please do continue to use this space to promote your own work or projects.

Hope to see some of you at Bumbershoot.



  1. Jeff VanderMeer says


    BTW–the next person who invites me to Quechup or Quequeq or whatever is going to be keelhauled.


  2. says

    Yeah, I just heard about that place recently. I don’t usually sign up for things like that anyway, but it sounds like I was lucky to avoid this one, just the same. Yikes.

  3. Toiya K. Finley says

    Ah, yes. The Quechup problem. Unless you’re really, really, really careful and double check, you end up sending an invite to everyone in your contact list. I’m guessing a lot of people don’t yet realize Quechup has spammed their contacts.

  4. says

    RE: Quechup –
    I got duped by those guys Friday. You probably got an “invitation” from me. Rest assured that I had nothing to do with this. I received an invitation supposedly from a publisher of mine; I joined assuming it was sent in good faith. During the joining process, Quechup offered to check to see who of my contacts were already members. I said OK, and BANG the damned thing spammed over 600 people in my contacts list with invitations supposedly sent on my behalf. If you’re one of those – and I’m sure that you were – I do apologize and hope you’ll remember that my gmail was hijacked by these creeps before you begin my keelhauling.

    I sent out an urgent message moments after I realized what had happened warning people about this supposed invitation. I do hope that you received it in time. My gmail account was frozen for 24 hours because of this quechup debacle, and was unable to do anything further to deal with the situation.

    I’m guessing that if you’re receiving any other quechup invites, it’s probably because of other poor suckers in a similar predicament to my own. I received two the same evening, and neither of those two even bothered to send me a warning about it.

    Thanks to Quechup, my account has been used to send stupid spammy messages to people all over the world: prospective employers, publishers and editors, writers and artists I admire, marketing and PR people at movie studios, you name it.

    Anyway, I hope you managed to escape the scourge, and if you must keelhaul me, at least allow me the dignity of a blindfold and cigarette – I don’t smoke, but getting keelhauled would probably be enough reason to start. :)