On to Mormeck and Predator!

Finally finished The Goat Variations, excerpt below. Now it’s on to Mormeck, my first ever zombie story…in a way. Yes, in my old age and senile decreptitude I’m selling out by doing the ever-popular zombies. Kinda. Heh.


The elevators had opened to a rush of stale cool air, like being under a mountain, and, beneath the dark green glow of overhead lamps, he could see rows and rows of transparent, bathtub-shaped deprivation vats. In each floated one dreaming adept, pale, skin wrinkled and robbed of color by the exposure to the chemicals that preserved and pacified them. Every shaven head was attached to wires and electrodes, every mouth attached to a breathing tube. Catheters took care of waste. The stale air soon faded as they walked silent down the rows, replaced by a smell like turpentine mixed with honeysuckle. Sometimes the hands of the adepts twitched, like dogs running in their sleep.

A vast, slow, repeating sound registered in his awareness. Only after several minutes did he realize it was the sound of the adepts as they slowly moved in their vats, sending a ripple of water that wouldn’t have registered if not for its repetition in thousands of other vats. The room seemed to go on forever, into the far distance of a horizon tinged at its extremity by a darkening that hinted of blood.


  1. Divers Hands says

    I refuse to believe that writing a zombie story is selling out. When I was in college (umm, so about eighteen months ago) I spent a great deal of time and effort supporting my contender for Ineffable Rule of Writing number 100378 to be: “Zombies make any story better.”

    In fact, as a rule of dating, I apporaoch random strangers and hand them a small plastic zombie figurine in lieu of a greeting. How they react to my gift determines whether or not they are worthy relationship material. I’m still not certain how it is thay anyone can be anything less than completely ecstatic at receiving a tattered plastic zombie THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

    Right about now I should probably point out that my former fiance left me to become a goat herder in the Italian Alps.

    Hmm – I never realized how incredibly surreal and fictional sounding my recent life appears. Which is pretty fucking awesome. Hooray for zombies!