Unfinished stories

Following off of this, here are recent first lines from unfinished stories of mine. Feel free to add your own in the comments area.


Mandingo stood as tall as a penguin could and spat at the knees of his oppressors.

It occurred to Buckwaldo that he’d stopped breathing several minutes ago and his brain was telling his mind to fuck off.

When she woke up that morning, to the sounds of other people waking up all over the world, with their snarls and sneezes and wheezes and coughs, she never realized that by day’s end she’d have found a door to another world.

The gleaming highway’s chrome lining made his arms itch for a steering wheel, but there he was walking to work through the zombies again.

Nothing disillusioned Mike more than seeing a leprechaun in his coffee in the morning.

“Form two teams and split up,” George told Fred.

The leopard leapt like a big cat right onto Hamed’s pulsing throat muscles.

He withdrew his mantle and snuffled his way to the alien dignitary’s banquet, complaining the whole way about the lack of sargasso nuts.

The flowing red sunset bit into the horizon like a mouth wound, throbbing into dulled pain, the surf writhing against the terpid shore, the shore itself like a clutean puzzle.

All the heads in their jars turned to look at him as he entered.


  1. David de Beer says

    I love procastination games! some of mine:

    1) The man who stole the voice of God:
    ‘I will sail to Heaven and steal the voice of God,’ Sam Graves said.

    2) Deliverance:

    Justin almost missed her, the little dove hidden among the hard-eyed, high-heeled hellcats of Scarlet Road.

    3) Sharonne:

    Gabe heard the wolves sniffing at the doors and the soft pad of their feet as they circled his house. The moon was full, hidden behind a thick, uneasy mass of clouds. The air smelled of thunder and rain. They didn’t like the wet; all Gabe had to do was wait.


    I hold to the philosophy that one should sell only inconspicuous body parts for luck.

    5)The House at the end of Calico Road:
    When Johan found the postcard among his birthday presents, he knew it was time to return to the house at the end of Calico Road.

    6)How the myth was born:

    There’s an old tale – obvious propaganda – about how the war between men and clouds began.


    One last time, Haithen tried to revive the house.

    8) [unnamed science thingy, aka science fiction]:

    The woman would be easy; her apartment, in normal circumstances, would be tricky. The Spartan Home Defense System was impossible to bring down. It could be tricked, yes, but not long enough to properly dispose of evidence

  2. says

    1) For as long as I could remember, we had the monkey.

    2) Such an insignificant morsel, hardly a meal, and they have so damned many of them; why would they miss just one little girl child?

    3) It gets lonely out in the junkyard.

    4) Yeah, I can get you an interview with Dracula.

    5) It was about last Sunday when all the chickens went bloodless down at the Barton place.

    6) The streets of Cebu City were thick with pedestrians, peddlers, buskers.

    7) Roger and Jimmy knew something about the West.

    8) Drip.

  3. Divers Hands says

    1. Letters spiral and rise through the layers of pulped wood and glossy plastic coated sheafs to coalesce into a single history.

    2. “You always had the most beautiful scars.”

    3. They could not hear the Razor’s song, oh no, and so they threw her in the endless room.

    4. He was about seven when word came from the New World: The Emperor Norton was dead.

    5. From the depths of everywhen, the Tower rises.

    6. The opening in the wall sealed like an organ: folded layers and crinkled lines of faintly pulsing, erratically trembling plaster flesh.

    7. The angel had wings held together with duct tape and super glue.

    8. “The King of Veils and the Queen of Silent Screaming fear the Slumbering Duke.”

    Now the real question is, how many of them will any of us actually finish in forseeable future?