Monday Mornin’ Mad Scientist Nostalgia

About a year ago today, we were in Helsinki, witnessing and participating in Finncon’s mad scientist laugh competition. Ah, those were the days…I tried on a laugh, as did Cheryl Morgan and Stepan Chapman, among others.

A few days before this, we’d experienced the utter relaxation that was the sauna. I shall not tell whose impossibly white posteriors sprinted down to the water from the sauna that day. But I must say it was an epic sight–much like the running of the bulls in Spain…and, just possibly, blackmail material…



  1. says

    Yes, happy days.

    About those pictures… My bank account number is Bánco Ambergrísìo 76764-JV-bmail. I think few (s)quids will do.

  2. says

    Ooh Yes! Those were the days.

    There can never be too many mad scientist in this world. But don´t pay him. He will only use the money to buy more of the antimadscientist spray called “Let us spray”.