Manuscript Critiquing–From an Award-winning Writer

Yep, you’re going to get this news item every few months. In this case, in particular while I’m working on the Predator novel, I’d rather fill in with fiction/nonfiction critiquing than more long-term projects. I’m finishing up my last critique from the latest round of advertising, and I’m ready for more. I’m fast and reliable, and if there ever is a glitch in the timing, I always send you a couple of free books as a thank you for your patience.

My approach is pretty simple: specific mark-up on your manuscript and general comments to help you going forward on your writing beyond just the story or novel you submit to me. You get a no-nonsense, analytical critique without extraneous B.S. I can also help with market recommendations and general career advice. (And, if you have a book coming out and need a PR strategy, I can provide that as well, in addition to a detailed database of media contacts.)

In addition to getting a writer’s perspective, you’re also getting the perspective of an award-winning editor who ran his own publishing company for 14 years.

Clients in the past few months have run the gamut from high school students to people who have been writing for twenty years, and the material has ranged from short stories and poetry to novels and memoirs.

Rates available upon demand. References also available upon demand. Email me at vanderworld at