Football Season Approaches…

and I’d just like to say: do you remember the last time you drowned a few of your dogs in a bathtub? Or maybe just hung them from a rope until they stopped thrashing?

No? You don’t remember? Neither do I. You know why? Because none of us would ever think of doing such a thing.

If Michael Vick did these things, and sanctioned dog fighting, I don’t even care if he gambled. Him gambling is almost beside the point. He should go to jail. And he should not be allowed back into the NFL.

People making excuses for Vick have no moral or ethical character. The guy deserves whatever he gets, and should probably have a psych evaluation, too.

And if he gets off the hook because he’s a pro athlete, and the NFL reinstates him, that’s it for me and pro football. In fact, it probably should be it for me and pro football anyway. The number of times a pro athlete gets off the hook for domestic abuse or any number of other things that you or I would go to prison for…sorry. I don’t care if they can fly or jump five-story buildings…no one should get that big of a get-out-of-jail-free card.

…And that’s your Sunday morning rant–brought to you Evil Monkey-free.



  1. Becky says

    I haven’t been following this story, but if he really did those things, I seriously feel like I’m going to lose my breakfast now.

  2. says

    That guy should DIAF.
    /Owns three cats and a dog.
    //have owned numerous hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, snakes, hermit crabs, small crocodile and several Emperor scorpions.
    ///love animals.

  3. David de Beer says

    no arguments here re: Vick. The pressure is especially on the Falcons who’ve made this huge thing about “character.” Actually, the NFl has made some statements regarding character being more of a thing for them over talent; and yet, the likes of TO still plays.

    The Eagles may have tanked their season when they benched TO two years ago; but I got a hell of a lot of respect for them and their management that they would make a move like that, putting their own season at risk. Ditto the Vikings a year ago.

    Then again, Jamal Lewis was convicted of being involved with cocaine smuggling, and he only got banned for a year. Far more to the point, the very next game after the news struck the response from the Baltimore Ravens was to make Lewis a captain, and have Ray Lewis and the gang making a big deal out of what a great guy he was.
    Excuse me? The dude was involved with illegal drugs!

    I’m a non-American who loves football, and yeah, I readily buy into the myth of the NFL; it’s a pleasant myth. Players who think they’re above normal rules of behavior sour all that.
    But, you know, there’s an insane amount of pressure to win at all costs in every sport; it’s something that has ruined the pleasure of sports for me before and what the NFL needs are more players and coaches who put a premium on reminding their players that playing at that level is a privilege, not an entitlement.
    Yes, I love to watch my teams win, in any sport, but I love the sport more and that is a fantasy I am not willing to compromise.

  4. says

    Vick’s done. It took Goodell a little longer to act than I would have liked, but that is most likely because they had to have their lawyers and the NFLPA lawyers ascertain what they could do under the coll bargaining agreement prior to an actual conviction. Notice as soon as the news hit that he would enter a guilty plea, the suspension was announced.

    In a calmer moment I’m willing to support due process even for a scum like Vick.

    Of course, that said, as soon as the indictment came out I dumped my NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. I’m torn about whether to resubscribe. I keep reminding myself that most of the players can expect to play for no more than 5 years and make no more than 250K/year and they live their lives accordingly.

    Besides, if I don’t resubscribe, I’m going to be stuck watching the Seahawks or the Forty-Niners (the only teams that get coverage up here in Portland: The City of Amateurs).